What is Parole - This is who we are.

It's Personal

We take every aspect of what we offer as personal.  You want out of prison, your friends, family, and co-workers want you out...WE WANT YOU OUT.  In order to do this we have more than just a one way of dealing with every client, unlike many others do.  We take as much time as needed to give proper attention to each client and their family.  Our phone is never off and each day the email is checked.  If for some reason you do not get a positive vote, we take that personally and will go through every avenue possible to get an exact reason it happened and will do all we can to get a re-vote.

Is Lady Justice Really Blind?

Many who have been in courts and eventually prison learn that our legal system has its problems,  This is easily seen by the increase in prison populations.  We understand that society puts on blinders when it comes to thinking about prisons, convicts, or courts being wrong.  The goal of the products and services we provide is to pull down the blindfold of Lady Justice and reveal to all that there are misconceptions, in many aspects.  We provide services that show proof of how and why someone should not be in prison, we help families understand what is parole and that this is who we are and what we do.  We present all we can to push for early release.  I, as owner will never turn away a potential client.

We Tell it Like it is!

Unlike many attorneys that step into the arena, they do not know how best to help their clients.  You and your family could be told hundreds of different things from dozens of different sources.  We stick with you from the start till your last day.  The Parole process can be difficult, but we make it easy to understand.  We offer the lowest prices you can find because we care about the client more than profit.  Above all else, the experience we have in the actual process allows us to know more than any lawyer who has only worked in courtrooms.  Choosing us means choosing the best.  I GUARANTEE!!